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Archie’s Newborn Gallery – Annapolis Valley Family Photography

It’s always a joy, as a photographer, when I get to follow a family as they grow and change.  I had the pleasure of photographing Stacey and Craig’s gorgeous family, when they were just three.  And I couldn’t have been more delighted when they got in touch to let me know they were expecting baby #2!  Truly, how could I not love my job, knowing that I have some small part in capturing a family’s precious moments.  Plus, I get to meet some amazing people, big and small:)


Emma - November 14, 2014 - 12:56 am

I love your eye in sessions like these, blonde curls on the floor, macaroni on a little table, you are painting this time in their lives.

Angela & Scott – Love in the Annapolis Valley

Angela and Scott’s tent wedding was very much a homegrown affair.  She got ready at her parent’s house, they got married in her Father’s church – by her Father! – and had the reception in the tent set up on her parent’s amazing property in the heart of the Annapolis Valley.  The family was involved in other ways, as well – with home-baked buns (yum!) and a selection of home-made salads.  The home-made dessert by Scott’s sister deserves, I think, a special mention for being quite possibly the tastiest dessert I have ever had in my life. Ever.  Plus, check out that cake!  It’s gorgeous, and Angela made that sweet little topper all by herself.  Seriously clever bunch, I tell you.  Add to that: laughter, happy tears, sweet embraces, and a kiss or several, and I am one happy and grateful photographer.  Thanks for having us, you guys – enjoy your Sneak Peek!

Emma - November 14, 2014 - 12:58 am

Such a calm way you have of describing weddings in your photographs, picking up on the smallest detail, the slightest gesture.

Leanne & Jeff – Dartmouth Wedding Photography

Leanne & Jeff celebrated their wedding on a beautiful grey day this September (you know I love those grey days – look at these colours!)  They chose Brightwood Golf Course in Dartmouth, NS, for the ceremony and reception, and it was beautiful, as you can see.  The whole day was wonderful – Leanne was so sweet, and Jeff was so into her – exactly what every wedding photographer hopes for when they arrive.  It was really hard to choose just a few photos to tell the story of this beautiful day, so I just chose some of my favourite moments.  You can probably tell I’m a little bit in love with both of them! I think I’m in good company – I’m pretty sure every single person who attended this wedding is a little bit in love with both of them:)

MARNIE MCNALLY - September 23, 2014 - 11:52 am

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES…. they are all fantastic photo’s Thank You for sharing and Congratulations to Leanne and Jeff.

Chelsea & Cody – South Shore Wedding

Chelsea and Cody chose a beautiful day in August to get married in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, close to where they both grew up.  They are a couple with a great story, and who doesn’t love a great story?  Stories are what tie us together, what makes certain nights magical; they are woven into and out of and through everything that we do.  A story can live on, long after the teller has passed.   A story can be a lifetime, a day, or even a moment, captured by a camera’s lens.

Krystle-Rae & Trevor – Annapolis Valley Wedding Photographer

If I had to choose one word to summarize this wedding, it would have to be: Fun.  It was many other things as well – sweet, loving, and emotional, but most of all it was just plain fun. I think anyone who was there with us at Ken-Wo Golf Club would agree.  I’ve done a couple of weddings with chickens, and left them on my wish list, because I always like a chicken, but this was definitely the first wedding I’ve ever been to with a rubber chicken.  I may have to add that to my wish list now, too…